De Transhumanisme et de Des-Humanisme

Discussion avec Malinka Ivanova

malinkaiva Singularity University:
fmeichel @malinkaiva singularity :to solve or create bigger problems : that's the question indeed !
malinkaiva @fmeichel Florence, how are you these days? I didn't have chance to chat with you, because my days were so busy.
fmeichel @malinkaiva :-) i'm fine thank you...thinking a lot about singularity ! :-) feel a deep responsability : we can't make the wrong choices ...
fmeichel @malinkaiva and it can't be the choices of just few people !
fmeichel @malinkaiva it's too important for the future : every body has to understand what's going on with singularity and transhumanism !
fmeichel @malinkaiva have to take time to discuss and to decide the right and ethical decisions !
malinkaiva @fmeichel The problem is complex, but I think that SU will be manage clever for realizing our science-fiction future!
fmeichel @malinkaiva I think that what we need is not a science fiction future but a sustainable future : that's not the same thing ! :-(
fmeichel @malinkaiva that's right : the problem is complex and need democratic decisions ! can't be only choices of few scientist
malinkaiva @fmeichel The sustainable future will be ... but after a science-fiction step!
malinkaiva @fmeichel And also, we do not need lost time for discussions be...or not to be!
fmeichel @malinkaiva arghhhh don't believe that
fmeichel @malinkaiva what will be the price of the step ?????????????
fmeichel @malinkaiva forget humans ????????????,
fmeichel @malinkaiva "we do not need lost time for discussions " really not agree with you
fmeichel @malinkaiva the scientist work for humans....hum...not always Malinka...we have to be awake and activ !
fmeichel @malinkaiva to become transhuman, you have to destroy humans !
fmeichel @malinkaiva think it's really a political question...we have to decide what sort of sustainable future we want !
fmeichel @malinkaiva think that singularity and transhumanism could lead us to a deep and human crisis
fmeichel @malinkaiva singularity and transhumanism is not the problem of our's OURS and it's NOW !

MAJ du 17 juillet 2011 :
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Anonyme a dit…
ma pensée
ca va beaucoup plus loin
que juste pas veillir
Florence Meichel a dit…
oui absolument...c'est d'ailleurs l'objet du billet suivant ! :-)