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Educator : "Teach students to teach themselves..." « Distance Learning at Carteret Community College

"Teach students to teach themselves..." "We must teach our students to adapt and literally teach themselves. Teach them to be problem solvers, innovators and creative entrepreneurs We must all be life long learners and not rely on archaic instructional models for learning and teaching. The internet has changed all the rules in every sphere of human interaction and educational systems and global economies are having to change, adapt and evolve rapidly in order to remain viable. We as educators must be teaching our students HOW to make good decision about harnessing and using all the new communications tools at their disposal. We must break away from outdated educational systems and models and invent new ones that will help students function and excel in the future – a future that is already here." The fixed time classroom in a box with a sage on the stage is fast becoming obsolete and in my opinion is a dinosaur . Web 2.0 is turning the internet into a giant global c