The 21st century will be the century of Lucid people ! !

Education 2.0 - Learning 2.0 Blog: Le 21ième siècle sera le siècle des Lucides !

In the past there was the century of the lights that brought the lights of his time and offered a way to overcome the darkness ... but it must be admitted that this paradigm has mainly created elites of thought ... the common man was not really concerned by the power of knowledge! :-(

And if today, we decided to invent the century of lucid people !:-)

In fact, it is already running! :-)

We still have to share it as our paradigm of meaning!

What I put behind the "lucidity" it is above all the possibility for people to develop relevant sightings of knowledge which make sense for them, both individually and collectively ... Internet and networks offer Today, many bricks and tools for that, it remains to develop the skills for everyone to overcome the noise and build marks that make sense with our experience! I think that learning networks are one of appropriated responses to move forward in this direction!

But this is not enough : everyone has to develop his own clear awareness of what he can do or not, too !... it has something to do with the concept of anoptisme developed by Olivier Auber some years ago
"For Anoptisme, human relations are not reducible to the establishment of a cyber-action feedback loop between the group and the individual, the key is permanently invisible for us. The mourning of the objectivity is made bearable by the fact that everyone is potentially the author of the points of view and the player of rules and codes to implement. The Anoptisme founds in this way the legitimacy of a "digital perspective" that we can implemente in social systems. "

So we have to develop collective and individual skills to invent our permanently ethical and relevant life : Francisco Varela explains it very well!

For me, it also relies on a decentralized Internet infrastructure like P2P that gives to everypne margins of autonomy and responsibility to act this way: this is where netneutrality makes sense!

What do you want to add to this ?